Who is MB Water?

MB Water provides edge-of-field water quality monitoring services, including sample collection, flow measurement, analysis, and reporting. 
We also can test surface water, wetlands, streams and ponds.
Our company was founded considering the Iowa Water Quality Initiative and our mission is to help in the State’s effort to achieve the goals of the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy.  
Studies of aquatic ecology are also done to collect data concerning Iowa’s Water Quality Index. Water quality indices incorporate data from multiple water quality parameters and ranks the health of a stream. 

We monitor water to preserve and protect this valuable resource.

Part of a team approach in measuring Iowa’s water quality and educating Iowans about how water quality testing would provide many benefits to the citizens of Iowa.


matt iowa learning farms stout farm crop2.jpgMatt McAndrew

Matthew has ten years’ experience in secondary and college education with emphasis in biology and the field sciences.  With eight years as a watershed coordinator/technician in SE Iowa, he has assisted farmers in nutrient, pasture and manure management as part of whole farm planning. 

As a watershed coordinator, he organized volunteers to monitor surface water in Muscatine and Johnson counties from 2000 to 2015, including Snapshot events.  As a volunteer with the US Geological Survey he monitored Lake Rathbun and the Iowa River at Wapello under NAQUA. With these experiences and training he is familiar with chemical, physical and biological aspects to surface water quality in Iowa.

Coursework included: Aquatic Ecology (Lakeside Labs), Limnology (University of N. Iowa,), Fundamentals of Soils/Soil Science (Iowa State University & Kirkwood Community College) and Water Quality (University of Iowa).  Mr. McAndrew is a certified water treatment II/wastewater treatment II operator in the State of Iowa.  University of Northern Iowa graduate thesis: The effects of atrazine and alachlor on autotrophic and heterotrophic strains of Euglena gracilis (1992). 

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Paul Brandt

Paul worked for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for 31 years, the last 26 years of that in the Region 6 Field Office in Washington, Iowa.

He is licensed in Iowa as a professional engineer (Environmental Engineering - #12763) and has a Grade 2 Operator's Certification for drinking water treatment and Grade 3 for wastewater treatment.

He has many years of experience with municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, public water supply systems using ground water and surface water, as well as sewer collection systems and water supply distribution systems.  Paul is also very experienced with collecting water samples from streams, ponds and point sources.


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